Brave Nissan GT-R Owner Drives To Everest Base Camp

An ambitious and brave Nissan GT-R owner, Kah Chuan Hoong from Singapore, decided he wanted to be the first to drive a supercar to the base camp of Mount Everest and he documented his progress on Facebook. The journey stared in Singapore where he trekked across to Nepal in his Nissan GT-R.


Underground Racing Lamborghini Huracan

Even though it doesn’t particularly look like it, to this day the Underground Racing Lamborghini Huracan is one of the sickest custom version of the Italian super car built by a tuner. This twin-turbo monster is also one of the most powerful cars of this class, at least in this Stage 3 guise showcased here.

Voodoo Blue Audi RS7

The exterior color on Voodoo Blue Audi RS7 is a very rich shade of blue with a deep metallic shine which some people may find a bit overwhelming. The car also features the “Optikpaket Schwarz” or black exterior kit with gloss black accents around the bumpers and air intake and the Quattro lettering, plus a set of 5-double-spoke RS wheels in Anthracite Black.

TopCar Porsche 991 Stinger GTR Gen II

You are probably familiar with the TopCar Porsche 991 Stinger GTR, what with it being one of the world’s sickest 911 styling kits ever. The Russian tuner is now showing off the latest GTR they have finished for a customer in Britain, and it puts in perspective the depth of their engineering and craftsmanship.

2017 Jaguar F-Type

The F-TYPE range is engineered for high performance and responsive handling. Following its legendary predecessors, the F-TYPE delivers an exhilaratingly instinctive driving experience.

2017 Jaguar F-Type

Audi R8 V10 Spyder Review Makes You Want One So Bad

What is better than driving a topless V10 powered Quattro machine? Well to be honest by the looks of the review below, driving it with a Vegas Yellow paint job is what it is all about. The transformation from Coupe to Spyder only added 50kg of weight, with Audi claiming that when compared to its predecessor, the new R8 Spyder is a massive 55 percent stiffer.