Best new Cars for 2017

It has been a great year for new cars in 2016, but 2017 looks to be even better with numerous new models scheduled to come onto the market. The world’s top car manufacturers have a long list of new cars that are due but, with so many on the horizon, we thought we’d better pick out some of the very best new cars for 2017.


The best SUV deals of the week

SUVs appeal to families because they offer space and height, which means that getting child seats, buggies and other family paraphernalia in and out is pretty painless. The raised ride height also means that getting into and out of an SUV is easier for older people or those with mobility issues. The view of the road is generally better, too, because you can see over the top of regular family saloons and hatchbacks.

Best 7-seater cars to buy in 2016

Here’s our pick of the best 7-seater cars on sale for a big family, including the best MPVs and SUVs with room for 7.Most car buyers can get away with five seats or fewer but there are those for who nothing less than 7 seats will do and if your expanding family has put you in that boat, the car industry has you covered. There are no shortage of 7-seat cars on sale today with various SUVs and MPVs offering that level of capacity.

Get Ready For The Chinese-built Cars

Just about everything is being built in the Republic of China these days. Take any physical good consumed in this country and it’s a good chance that it’s made in China for an American or European company. If you need any further evidence, go to Alibaba is the main portal to find Chinese manufacturers.

Get Ready For The Chinese-built Cars

Best fast #FamilyCars 2016

Buying a family car doesn’t have to be boring, not with one of our 10 favourite fast family cars on sale now.When you’ve got to accommodate a family in your everyday car, then compromises inevitably must be made. Performance and sporty handling fly out the window, and thoughts turn instead to easy rear seat access and optimal boot space. Well, for most people at least.

Best Diesel #cars 2016

Covering all the bases, here’s our view on the best diesel cars to have on your shortlist if you’re buying a car in 2016.The humiliating Volkswagen emissions scandal – where cars were discovered with cheat devices designed to give false results during official tests – has understandably undermined confidence in diesel as a fuel.

Why A Honda Should Be Your Next Car

If you are looking for a reliable car that will cost you less in repairs and get you the most value on resale, then a Honda is your best bet. The Japanese automobile manufacturers have picked up the title of the U.K.’s most reliable car maker for the ninth year running. Want to know why you should buy a Honda? Let’s take a closer look.

Why A Honda Should Be Your Next Car